About us
My name is Konstantin and we are family-run furniture production in EU which was established in 2014 based on a small workshop specializing in the production of upholstered beds.

Over the past five years, we have expanded our production and added stylish sofas, chairs, and armchairs in modern style to our product line.

We design and manufacture our furniture ourselves, using the most advanced materials and mechanisms.
Production stages
Production stages
1. Design and Planning
The journey of every the-Bed piece begins with the selection of captivating models. We draw inspiration from the mid-20th-century design, a period that significantly influenced interior trends for decades. Our focus is on choosing models that showcase not only beauty but also functionality.

You can choose from any of 150 models on our website or we can work and produce a piece based on your bespoke design.

Our strength lies in the ability to manufacture the most intricate models based on the most sophisticated designs. We take pride in our craftsmanship, ensuring that we can bring to life even the most challenging and intricate furniture designs with precision and skill.
2. Material Selection
We carefully choose the materials that will be used in the manufacturing process. This includes selecting high-quality wood, fabrics, and other components to ensure durability and a polished finish.
We work only with EU certified fabric suppliers.

Our fabrics are liquid resistant, non-flammable and resistant to snagging.
3. Handcrafted Excellence
At The-Bed, our team comprises master craftsmen who possess a profound understanding of every nuance of the trade. They are well-versed in the secrets of proper fabric tensioning and surface treatment. We place special emphasis on the details, recognizing that they are the essence of creating an overall impression that speaks to the excellence of handcrafted artistry.
4. Quality Control
Every The-BED product undergoes stringent quality control to ensure alignment with our elevated standards. We meticulously inspect surface colors and finishes, dimensions, stability, and the functionality of mechanisms, leaving no detail unchecked.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the precision and reliability of our products.
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